When is the Best Time to Be Happy?

March 6, 2018 9:00 am

Those who are longtime readers of this newsletter know that March is my happy month. I was born on Saint Patrick’s Day, so I share with the Irish a very happy perspective on life. This year, March is also the month of Purim, when we are commanded to be happy. This is a rather unusual command that the Rabbi’s came up with. To fulfill this instruction, we must answer the age old question, how do we find happiness?

Happiness is not about what happens to you. It is your state of mind. You have to make the decision to be happy. You must be happy BEFORE, not during, or after. What am I referring to? How many times have you heard someone say that AFTER this happens or that happens I will be happy. After I get the big deal, or after I get the promotion or after this or that, then I will be happy.

In business, I like to broaden the definition of happiness to include a POSITIVE STATE OF MIND. Now some folks may think of this whole subject as rather syrupy, but I believe that happiness is real and that it can be achieved by everyone. To get there is a decision that you must make every day, all day.

Here is my list of the things to do to maintain a positive attitude in business that will lead to happiness:

  1. Surround yourself with positive people and positive things. The inverse of this is, you must eliminate the negative people in your life.
    2. Read and listen to positive books and CD’s. Cheap guys like me get them from the library. The converse is that you should turn off the news.
    3. Speak all things in a positive way…why you can, not why you can’t.
    4. BELIEVE you can achieve it! Whatever is your dream, you must see it BEFORE you can do it.
    5. Don’t listen to the well meaning opinions of other people.
    6. Start NOW and work at it every day.

A positive attitude takes vigilance, study and a lifelong dedication to maintain it every day. Before you start your day, find a few pages of positive wisdom to focus on. Meditate. Cure yourself from the negative thoughts of I can’t. Be like “the Little Engine That Could”.

One of the biggest problems for folks who have been around a while is that we know too much. Be more like you were as a kid before you knew the realities of life. Little kids know that they can do anything.

Finally, when you find yourself thinking that you are having a lousy day, spend five minutes dealing with the problem and no more and then move on. Don’t RESIGN yourself to your fate, rather RESOLVE to be happy.


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