Effectively marketing a space for sublease can be far more difficult than it appears.

The basic problem when subleasing space is that you are competing with the Landlord, who is far better equipped to attract tenants, who has control over the term of a lease and who has the ability to construct the space to meet the needs of different tenants. In a subleasing situation where the tenant is just trying to get out from under a changed circumstance, whether to downsize or grow, there may be little or no budget to renovate the space or pay the commissions of brokers who arrive with tenants. There may also be many restrictions on tenants, such as the landlord’s right to recapture the space, the landlord’s right to keep the profits from a sublease, or a noncompeting provision in the lease. Subleasing is often a tricky business, and having a broker who understands and can explain the obstacles before you can be a great part of making the project into a success.