Lease and Purchase Negotiations

One of Dickstein Real Estate Services greatest strengths is our unique ability to break down the complexities of lease terminology and purchase agreements, presenting them to you in plain language, so that the terms of a transaction may be understood by everyone in the decision making process.

We work closely with you to define the business objectives, identifying the dollars and cents issues. In our approach to negotiating, we will show you where we believe results are most likely to be achieved and describe the path to achieving those results. Our negotiating strategy stems from our understanding how the game is played, something derived from 30 years of experience, so that surprises are held to a minimum and results are achieved for a successful long term relationship with the landlord. Our philosophy to achieving this stems from our belief that each transaction must be beneficial for both parties in order to insure its long term success. For this reason, we approach each transaction by trying to relate to the human factor in negotiations while staying constantly attentive to the details and business terms to be translated into lease language. We work well with real estate attorneys who understand the key business points that have been achieved in the negotiations. Those who understand that it is their chief task to protect their clients by preserving those hard fought business objectives.