Readers of this newsletter know how, over the last three years, we have chronicled the traumatic events affecting commercial real estate in the State of New Jersey. As the dark cloud of Covid has lifted, we are now observing the full scope of the tremendous wreckage in its wake, the effects of which are just coming into focus. What do… Read More


One of the Guru’s guiding my life is the late Rabbi Jonathan Sacks z”l. Each week Rabbi Sacks would provide his unique perspective on the most important issues of the day. One of my favorite weekly discussions of his was on the topic of “happiness” versus “meaning”. The two words sound alike, but they are really quite different. Happiness is… Read More


New Jersey office building developers are a tough breed. Back in the 1970’s New Jersey was the model for the development of the suburban office park. One of the first of these was Lanidex, a 9 building office development at the intersection of  Routes 80 and the newly completed Route 287 in the town of Parsippany. The developer, Bud McNally,… Read More


Real Estate is a finite universe, hence the old axiom, “they aren’t making any more of it”.  In the office world of New Jersey, we have almost a finite universe of office buildings, most of which were constructed almost 50 years ago. Over the decades, Landlords have fought the good fight to keep these aging structures relevant to New Jersey… Read More

2023- Real Estate at the Crossroads

Happy New Year! Our mission statement for the last 27 years has been “to provide our clients with the most complete, unbiased, real estate advice and the most effective and efficient systems in business real estate, combining national reach and local knowledge to obtain the best possible space and the best possible terms”. In our 2022 series, “Has the Nature… Read More