Success Stories

Dickstein Real Estate Services is known for creatively negotiating lease and purchase agreements on behalf of its diversified clientele. Here are some of our achievements:

  • Represented a user of 25,000 square feet in the purchase of a 75,000 square foot office building in Parsippany New Jersey for $30 per square foot, a price well below its replacement costs.  Helped the client lease the vacant spaces in the building over a 12 month period which resulted in the resale of the building 2 years later at $95 per square foot for a profit to my customer of over $2 million.
  • We represented a joint venture of AT&T, Avaya, and the Communications Workers of America in negotiations to find and relocate to a new facility in Somerset, New Jersey. By performing a program analysis, we were able to reduce the space from 11,500 square feet to just 7,500 square feet. We were able to find a new location nearby that reduced the rent by over $5.00 per square foot, reducing the operating overhead by over 40% at a new class “A” location with all new furniture donated by the Landlord. We have recently renewed this lease for an additional term of five years at an even lower rent going forward.
  • Represented a world famous 100 year old Italian Pasteria based in Little Italy, NYC in the location and purchase of a new baking facility of 30,000 square feet after a 2 year search in Perth Amboy NJ.
  • We recently represented a tenant in Woodbridge NJ in negotiations to reduce the rent by several dollars per square foot while renewing the lease two years ahead of lease expiration.
  • Negotiated a long term lease of 16,000 square feet in Bridgewater NJ for a medical group that required 10 spaces per 1,000 square feet of parking with a turnkey build-out equivalent to $25 per square foot with 8 months free rent concession.  The tenant has since expanded in the building twice and is in negotiations for a third expansion.
  • Represented a manufacturer of cable components in Bridgewater NJ in negotiations to reduce the rent to market levels for a three year savings of more than $150,000.