March 31, 2016 9:00 am

Untrustful little girl looking suspiciously and reprehensive

Doubt: Fear, distrust, uncertainty, skepticism, cynicism, indecisiveness, avoidance, ambiguity, complacency. The list goes on. Is there anyone who has not been plagued with selfdoubt? How many of us are truly selfconfident? In business and in our greater world today, insecurity is today’s norm.

Doubt is basically the feeling- or the non-feeling- that you don’t have the tools or the strength to make a decision. Doubt can be insidious as it is invisible with no shape or expression. Doubt for a short time is natural. When it festers, often people in business replace the need for certainty with aggressive confidence and will mistake this for true confidence.   Each day at Dickstein Real Estate Services we work closely with business owners who must wrestle with making long term decisions in the face of short term doubts.

So, what am I getting at here?

Facing doubt, in business and in life, is a neverending battle. Ever notice that just before we make a major decision is when we often experience waves of doubt?  Did you notice when you are tired how you will often second guess yourself?

Everything in the universe is constantly changing and in our world the pace of that change is accelerating.

THE ANSWER TO DOUBT– The answer to doubt in a fast paced impersonal world is in our personal connection to something greater.  The answer to doubt is faith. Utter certainty, not blind faith, but sophisticated belief in something greater than you.

The great battle of our age is to go forth and fight doubt every day. We don’t fight alone. In our world where a Divine presence is often concealed, we must turn inward for strength. As doubt breeds doubt, certainty breeds certainty.

This season, a Spring of fresh beginnings, is a powerful one to overcome our doubts. When in doubt, know that you are here for a reason, a reason greater than you.


Lawrence Dickstein

The themes above are from an article by Rabbi Simon Jacobson when writing about the Story of Ester also known as the Megillah.  Amalek is one of the great villains in Jewish history.  His descendent, Haman, is the villain of the book of the Ester.  Amalek embodies doubt.



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