Have a business plan:


The pace of the ramp up will vary considerably depending upon your industry and your location. Here are some things to keep in mind:


Have a plan for ramping your business back up! Things will be difficult to predict but having a plan, even if it is way off, is better than no plan. Consider using a best case, expected case and worst-case perspective to help you think through the details


Carefully think through what operations will look like, how you will scale it back up and the staff and other resources (e.g. key vendors & service providers) you will need as you scale.


Be prepared to adapt quickly to changing conditions as things ramp up.


Keep a close eye on cash, cash availability and your level of debt! You don’t want to run out of cash, and you don’t want to dig too deep a hole with respect to debt, and deferred payments to landlords and vendors.


Strongly consider re-verifying your customers ability to pay before shipping or providing services, things may have changed dramatically for them. The last thing you need is a pile of bad debt or slow paying A/R on your hands. You can’t “slow pay” employees!


CDC Guidelines:

Click on the link below:




General Guidelines BEFORE You Open the Office:



Identify where and how workers might be exposed to Covid-19 at the office.


Educate employees about how they can reduce Covid-19.


Assess your essential functions to see who needs to come in the office first.


Establish policies and practices for safe social distancing and the wearing of PPE’s. To encourage employees to follow the proper practices you establish, be sure to provide hand sanitizer and PPP for each employee.


Realign furniture for safe social distancing.


Establish quarantine policies for employees that have or may have been exposed through family or others.


To make people feel safe about returning to work, communicate to employees what you and the landlord are doing to create and maintain a safe work environment (e.g. providing PPE, stepped up cleaning protocols in the office, bathrooms and common areas, air duct cleaning, etc.)


Landlord Responsibilities:


Meet with your Landlord to understand what the Landlord will be responsible for during this new reentry phase and how he will implement the following:


Cleaning of the HVAC Systems and air ducts.


Nightly Cleaning of common areas bathrooms, installation and location of hand sanitizers.


What will occur if an employee or visitor gets Covid-19. Establish guidelines and protocols for disinfection of vital areas and notices when the building has been compromised and is again safe to reenter.


Rules for Safe Social distancing in the common areas


Elevator Rules for safe social distancing.


Workplace Environment Upgrades:


Increase ventilation rates and percentages of outdoor air that circulates.


Establish respiratory etiquette and hand hygiene.




Routine disinfection of bathrooms, desks, workstation surfaces, keyboards, telephones, handrails, and doorknobs etc.


Meeting rules for safe social distancing.


Elevator rules for safe social distancing.


Please let us know if you need advice.  We are here to help.



Lawrence Dickstein

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