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Businesses of all sorts are fighting to differentiate themselves in spite of all the noise that is out there in today’s business world. The internet, while a great tool, has certainly not made it easy for the small guys to penetrate the clutter. What sort of clutter? In this article we are not focusing on the technical aspects of search engine optimization, but rather the more basic human approach to communication. The art of the ONE ON ONE!

My old mentor Tom Hopkins used to say, and still does, that before you can do business with folks they have to like you and trust you. The common factor in all sophisticated business systems today is relationship selling. It is not enough to just be the expert, especially when everyone claims to be an expert. That is why I prefer to focus on, “holistic networking”.

The word holistic means “pertaining to the whole”. Networking, an overused and abused term, refers to “an event for the exchange of business leads”.

Businessmen and women see networking events almost everywhere they turn. Those who are the most successful networkers understand that it is not about them, it is about the other guy. Networking is designed to work through the principal of Karma. Simply put, if you give, the universe will reward you and those rewards will come back to you.

I find, however, that most networking events in reality are quite poorly structured, making it almost impossible at these events to get beyond the frantic exchange of business cards at a noisy room setting filled with rapid fire elevator pitches.

Holistic networking, by contrast, goes beyond the scope of the networking event and takes us to the next step. The magic step! The ONE ON ONE! A one on one is a private meeting after the event that goes beyond just business to the following three levels:

PERSONAL- Find the personal things that are of interest to the other person, like their hobbies, their vacation spots, their families, their life styles, their values. Make notes at this meeting of all the things that are important in their lives.

INSPIRATIONAL- Find out why they do what it is that they do? What is it that inspires them?

ASPIRATIONAL- Find what are their goals? Where are they going and how do they intend to get there?

If you can, get to the 4th level, find out what are they struggling with now? This question kind of sums up the first three and puts everything in perspective.

By practicing holistic networking, the people you meet will find you authentic, a rare commodity in this world indeed. We at Dickstein Real Estate Services will always measure our success one valued customer at a time.

Lawrence Dickstein


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