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What exactly is follow-through and why is it essential to today’s business and personal relationships?  One of my life-coach guru’s, Jeffrey Gittomer, recently put his finger on this issue.

Follow-through is a rather simple concept.  Jeffrey defines follow-through as doing what you said you would do and then helping the client whatever it takes.  Sounds simple right?  Implementing follow-through is the difference between “talking the talk and walking the walk”.   Ever hear the expression, “actions speak louder than words”?

The first part of follow-through is to make the commitment to perform…”I will have that report to you by next Tuesday”.   “We will be there at 2:30 PM!”

The second part of follow-through is to meet or exceed expectations.  If you say it will be there Tuesday, you better make sure that it IS there on Tuesday.

Shared values are essential to the follow-through process.  In business relationships there are many companies that may claim that they have your best interests at heart.  But ask yourself, do they share your values?  Follow-through requires internalizing the values of a client’s company and the values of the client.   A values based proposition elevates your level of commitment.   When leaving a meeting I really love to hear, “he gets me”.

In today’s highly competitive business world, one of the most powerful ingredients of success is relationships that endure.  It is the human factor in business that changes simple monetary goals to a life mission.  What is your mission statement?

What would you do for your favorite customer?  Whatever it takes, of course!  Now would you do the same for all of your customers?  Follow-through is a lifestyle commitment.  Excellence means follow-through.

We all complain about the lack of quality in today’s world.  Nothing lasts, we lament.   If you want to separate yourself from the pack, learn to follow-through.  We are here for a reason.  Live it!
Lawrence Dickstein


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