July 9, 2015 8:09 pm

Welcome to the age of the expert. Why do we need the maven? We need these highly specialized virtuoso’s because in 2015 it is simply no longer possible to be a renaissance man. Back in the days of Thomas Jefferson, it was possible to be a lawyer, a farmer, a President, and a father and do them all very well. Today, in the age of specialization, it is almost impossible to keep up with the changes in technology, social media or especially one’s own industry standards. Adaptability to the changing world is the survival skill of our new generation.

By the way, did you know that today’s school kids don’t learn multiplication tables, or how to write in cursive? That’s right; they can’t even sign their own names! They don’t learn geography so the most can’t find their own State on a map. They don’t know who the Beatles are? Just what are kids learning in school that’s worth while, you may ask?

I believe that real education starts after school. Way after school. After college and even after you start working. After all, most of our college graduates can’t find a job in their chosen major anyway.

So how do you become an expert? It isn’t as difficult as it sounds. You see anything that you apply yourself to with enough time and effort makes you an expert.

Most of us who are successful in business are experts. We are mostly self taught experts. My Dad used to call it the school of hard knocks. Today folks call it applying yourself!

Success today has a whole different set of criteria. We think of folks as successful who have a profitable business of any kind where they have peace of mind, they enjoy what they do, who they work with, and who have the confidence to know that they can succeed at whatever they do.

Gone are the days of the cache of professions like– Doctor, Lawyer, Accountant! Want to see a stressed out bunch of guys? The happiest guys I know are plumbers! Nothing stresses out a plumber! I mean NOTHING!

Self improvement is the key to success in 2015. Make yourself the expert. ” A life of learning is a life worth living”, said Mr. Jefferson. Listen to a CD book every week instead of rock music or talk radio.   Cheap guys like me get them free from the local library. That’s 52 books a year, every year.

In my many years of study, all the experts that I study say the same thing.  It doesn’t matter what you do in life as long as you enjoy what you do, and have passion for what you do every day. When you enjoy what you do, it’s not really work, is it? So, become an expert and enjoy life!


Lawrence Dickstein

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