When is the Best Time to Be Happy?

Those who are longtime readers of this newsletter know that March is my happy month. I was born on Saint Patrick’s Day, so I share with the Irish a very happy perspective on life. This year, March is also the month of Purim, when we are commanded to be happy. This is a rather unusual command that the Rabbi’s came… Read More

What Are Your Prospects For NJ Business Growth In 2018?

The State of New Jersey is known to many as the largest suburb in the world, a quite densely populated eclectic collection of cities and towns sandwiched between New York City to the North and Philadelphia to the South. Talk about an identity crisis. The New York Giants and the New York Jets both play here, but they don’t identify… Read More


  Escalation 2018, Are You Ready? By: Lawrence Dickstein Escalation 101-  The New Year is here and if you are an office tenant your escalation invoice will soon be on its way. Office tenants with gross leases are responsible to pay their proportionate share of INCREASES in Real Estate Taxes and Operating Expenses over the Base Year (usually the first calendar year of the lease term)… Read More


Businesses of all sorts are fighting to differentiate themselves in spite of all the noise that is out there in today’s business world. The internet, while a great tool, has certainly not made it easy for the small guys to penetrate the clutter. What sort of clutter? In this article we are not focusing on the technical aspects of search… Read More


What happens when Landlord’s feel they are in a Landlord Market while at the same time Tenant’s perceive they are in a Tenant Market? The answer we are seeing is a whole lot of stress occurring during lease negotiations. Do you continue to see in the Media about all the vacant office space across New Jersey? Have we mentioned that… Read More