July 14, 2015 9:00 am


My summer reading list has included two books about Steve Jobs, “Steve Jobs” the biography by Walter Isaacson and “Inside Apple” by Adam Lashinsky.


My take away from these books is to observe some results from a ‘Master’ of vision.  Apple Computer has it because Steve Jobs, with his laser type focus about design and taste, had it and has infused it into the DNA of his company.  By contrast, most companies that I see today don’t have it.  So what is it exactly, why is it important, and how do you get it?


Vision for businesses is the ability to clearly see a desired future outcome and work like hell, single mindedly, to get there.  Visionaries are able to share their vision for their companies with others, who in turn become an army of converts to make the vision a reality.  If you share the vision you share the rewards.


One of the great deficits of our time is the lack of vision in what we do each and every day.  Most of us do what we do each day just to survive.  The notion of a vision is something we vaguely practice as part of our daily routine, like trying to save the planet by buying the right kind of light bulb.   We have a notion of what we want, but little plan to get there, since survival comes first.


Competing visions can create a lack on congruence in our lives.   Did you choose your job for its vision, or because you must put money on the table to pay bills?  For too many of us, we simply do not have the luxury of following a business vision, or work for a visionary with skills that allow them  to clearly articulate or share a vision.  I think many of us instinctively desire to work for a company with vision, but we are so locked into our struggle for survival that we are unable to make vision a priority.


If I know a company’s vision, I can develop the right real estate strategy to help them get there.  It is not simply enough to find a piece of space that may solve the apparent problems of a tenant or buyers business needs today with little or no knowledge of a corporate vision for tomorrow.  Flexibility in leasing terms is a strategy with costs and benefits.  Helping a company to understand its needs and real world alternatives with a plan for the unexpected is an art.  Asking the right questions and listening carefully to the answers is a good start.


I have heard that if you want to make G-d smile, tell him your plans!  If you want to succeed in business, make sure you work with those who share your vision, and can work with you to find creative ways to get there.


Astute observers will note that we at Dickstein Real Estate Services do use an apple with oranges as our logo.  Tell us your vision, and we will work with you to help get you there, one space at a time.




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