Designs and Plans

  Creating an office design for your company can be a challenging task because it involves decisions that may be very close to home. Designing space means deciding where everyone is going to work.   It’s not just who gets the corner office – or even if they’ll be a corner office.  The decisions that go into the design will effect… Read More

Do You Make Mistakes?

Do you still make mistakes in your business? I do! There you are, in front of thousands of people, I have just admitted that I make mistakes. What kind of mistakes, you ask? Stupid ones, little ones, big ones, dumb ones,-- mistakes of all kinds. From time to time an incredibly stupid thing will happen in spite of all my… Read More


One of the best ways to engage people is to ask interesting questions.  Questions that get folks thinking.  These engagement questions help not only to break the ice, but to separate you from the pack. If you don't already know it, or haven't gotten the memo, Networking today is not about you.  It is about the other guy.   Meaningful networking to… Read More

Timing A Real Estate Transaction

  Negotiating a lease is like hitting a baseball.  If you swing too early or too late, you wind up in foul territory.  Timing is crucial.  If you start negotiating too early or too late, it can undermine your negotiating leverage.  It you go out in the market too soon, the landlord may not be willing to hold the space… Read More

Construction Costs and Out Of Pocket Expenses

  The biggest up-front expenditure in the entire leasing process is the cost of constructing space. An important question to ask is: “How much cash on hand will I need to accomplish this move?”  And the time to answer that question is before you start looking for space.  You can eliminate many expensive surprises by determining your out-of-pocket expenses ahead… Read More