We at Dickstein Real Estate Services owe our success to the good people that we have had the privilege of serving. That was true on day one, it is true now and it will be for the future.

Oprah has a new best seller titled, “What I Know For Sure”. After 20 years, what do I know for sure?

I know that tenants and buyers of commercial real estate have the fear that they are simply outgunned when negotiating a real estate transaction. Let’s face it; Landlords do this every day while Tenants only negotiate a lease once every three or five years. They want Dickstein Real Estate Services to serve as a “hired gun” to level the playing field.

I tell my customers that I am prepared to “kill” for you! But, I am not a murderer. Being too aggressive puts Landlords on the defensive and makes them not want to do business with you.

When negotiating on behalf of a client I know that setting us apart, besides our broad experience, is our extensive preparation for every real estate negotiation. We start by prioritizing all business points so that we can clearly identify the objectives we are seeking to achieve going in. We then juxtapose our objectives against the Landlords known favored positions and their approach so that we can go point by point. We leave nothing to chance and seek to define all business terms clearly beforehand.

Our preference is to enter each negotiation session with a clearly developed business proposal in hand. We present each issue point by point in priority order. As a strategy, I like to leave the most contentious issues and sticking points to the end so that we have found common ground on as many of the business terms as possible, framing the deal as a win-win, before making the final push to the finish line.

Finally, I know that once we have agreement between parties, we then need to take it one step further and make certain to summarize the agreed upon business points in writing, so that there is no guesswork or questions later on. No one should have to go back and negotiate the same points twice.

I know that if we make the extra efforts outlined above, it will lead to a better outcome for my clients. The relationship between tenant and landlord is long term. How we do our job in setting the stage through professional lease negotiations affects the entire tenant/landlord relationship for years to come.

After 20 years, how do we define success? Success is in the eyes of those we serve, many of whom have become our good friends over these many years. We have even gained the respect of the Landlords with whom we negotiate on behalf of our clients.

To all our friends and customers who have led to our success, we say to you most sincerely, THANK YOU!

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