When Disaster Strikes!
When Disaster Strikes!

When Disaster Strikes! (1)


When Disaster Strikes!

By Lawrence Dickstein, President, Dickstein Real Estate Services

Bridgewater, New Jersey


I have asked my EANJ affiliate, David Rickard of Olmec Systems to provide me with information that all of you can use to set up a disaster recovery plan. A rather ironic story in all this tragedy, was that most of David's competitors were out of commission when their power went down. Not Olmec Systems!


Was your company able to operate when the power went down? Did you have all of your files protected? Did you lose business because your customers could not get to you?


For those of you caught with your power down from Hurricane Sandy, the following suggestions may help you to move in a positive direction. By the way, if after reading this article you contact David, please let him know where you heard about Olmec Systems.


All businesses, whether they be large or small should have a business continuity plan in place.  Many businesses in New Jersey and the New York metro area have learned that the hard way that this may be the new reality.  A detailed course of action to ensure that their business can get through a disaster and continue on in the aftermath is a critical success factor.


An important, but often overlooked component of this continuity plan is an IT disaster recovery (DR) plan. This plan will cover how you will deal with and or prevent IT downtime. Regardless of how successful your business continuity plan is, your business will remain at a standstill if your IT system goes down and stays down.


Organizations can’t avoid disasters, especially when Mother Nature unleashes her fury in the form of things like Hurricane Irene or Superstorm Sandy. When these unfortunate events occur, the object of the DR plan is to minimize data loss and to have little or no down time. The main objective of an IT disaster recovery plan is to protect the organization in the event that all or parts of its operations and/or computer services are rendered unusable. The plan minimizes the disruption of IT operations. One way to think of the IT DR plan is to think of it as an insurance plan.

Like every insurance plan, there are benefits that your business can realize from the creation of a disaster recovery plan. Some of these benefits are:

§  Providing a sense of security (kind of like that generator in the garage)

§  Minimizing risk of delays and downtime

§  Guaranteeing the reliability of standby systems

§  Providing a standard for testing the plan

§  Minimizing decision-making during a disaster (you would already have a plan!)

§  A less stressful work environment


There is no one right type of disaster recovery plan, and there is not a one-size-fits-all disaster recovery plan.  Some business applications cannot tolerate any downtime. They may have second site that houses a copy of all of their data so that it can be ready at a moment’s notice.  Other companies may utilize offsite backups that can allow their system to be restored in a day to two.  More and more companies are looking into the cloud and taking advantage of all that it offers. Olmec Systems offers an incredible cloud solution with built in disaster recovery. To take a look at it, visit: http://www.mycloudanywhere.com/.You need to know that there are solutions available for small to medium sized businesses with critical business applications and data to protect. The type of plan Olmec Systems would recommend depends on the individual needs of your business.


If you are currently working with an IT company, talk to them about your options for a disaster recovery plan for your business; but first ask them about their DR plan.  The DR plan of your IT company should be as important to you as your own plan. What are they going to do when the power goes out for days? What protections do they have in place to prevent service interruptions? Do they have a generator or an alternative power source to keep their operations running?  How can they help you if they are dead in the water?


If you don’t have an IT partner or you don’t like what you hear from yours, call Olmec Systems @ 973-586-6590 or visit our website: http://www.olmec.com/ and look under the solutions tab.


All of our clients that implemented the Olmec Disaster Recovery (DR) Plan were fully functional throughout the storm; so if you would like to hear more, or if you would like a testimonial from one of our clients who had a DR plan, please call us today at 973-586-6590.

We would love to help you implement an IT DR solution that fits your business needs. Olmec’s disaster recovery features include:

  • Server replication
  • Email continuity
  • Cloud solutions
  • Focus on mission critical business continuity


Best wishes to both your family and your business as we all recover from the devastation of Sandy and thanks for taking the time to read this!

Tuesday, 24 April 2012 18:51

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Written by Lawrence Dickstein



Dickstein Real Estate Services has joined the Executives Association of New Jersey.  EANJ, est 1935, is an organization consisting of more than 50 New Jersey  companies representing a broad spectrum of business and industry. All prospective members go through a highly selective admissions process. Once selected as an EANJ member, each member holds an exclusive category within the organization. Each member representative is the principle, or interest-owning partner of that firm. Dickstein Real Estate Services has been selected as the exclusive member of the organization representing commercial real estate brokerage and advisory services.


Dickstein Real Estate Services was established in 1995 by its President, Lawrence Dickstein, to provide a higher level of service than is offered by traditional "full service" real estate firms.  "By specializing in tenant and buyer representation, we are able to align ourselves better with the interests of our customers", states Mr. Dickstein.  "We feel a strong synergy with the membership of EANJ.  From the moment I stepped in the room with these members, I knew that this group had that rare breed of positive enthusiasm of people determined to make a difference, something we so seldom see in our lives today."



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