Escalation: Increases In Rental Costs Over the Term Of the Lease

                The need to be diligent about escalation clauses and their impact on long-term budgeting is best illustrated by the following story. Not too long ago, I was representing an office tenant that was experiencing “sticker shock” when reviewing a proposal to renew the lease.  The proposal from the landlord was for a new five-year term lease. … Read More


I am always surprised by the amount of trepidation and angst tenants experience when it is time to renew the lease. To begin with, most tenants don’t realize when renewing a lease that they, in fact, are in a place of competitive advantage. Many tenants act as if they have very little leverage at all--- and the majority of them… Read More

How Much Does It REALLY Cost Me To Rent Space?

  We all understand the practice of comparison shopping.  When you’re shopping for groceries, for example, if two jars of the same peanut butter are priced differently by certain stores, the cheapest product is the one with the lowest price.  But what’s simple when comparing groceries is not that simple when comparing real estate. Landlords in most areas of the… Read More


  The three L’s of real estate are Location! Location! Location!  Where do I find the space I need? Looking at your business, you will have to decide whether there is a compelling reason to locate the company in a particular region of the country, in a given city, in a certain district of that city or on a certain… Read More

How Many Square Feet Do I Need?

How much space your company needs depends a good deal on how you plan to utilize it. Once upon a time in corporate America, every executive wanted an office.  And the bigger the office, the more important you were.  When you got really, really important, you got the big corner office.  (The big, fat stinking cigars were optional, of course!).… Read More